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OT has got me filling in a mood chart



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Sep 3, 2015
Hi i know i posted about still being on section but i forgot to mention that i saw an OT to try and pick apart my life and what has happened in it which has made me the person i am today. We talked about me i told her thingd from my childhood, and how i was a young carer to my mum as she had multible sclerorisis and that she died when i was 19 because she developed lukemia and that i didnt know how to grieve and that it is as raw today i am 51 now . We talked alot about me and my behaviour when i was in total emotional termoiland what therapies i have tried in the past i have had talking therapy CBT and tried DBT. I said that talking therapy was quite good as it allowed me to open up and talk to someone who wouldnt judge me. CBT i understood about turning a nagative into a positive which is a lot easier than it sounds and finally DBT which i did not like atall i found mindfulnee a load of airey fairey clap trap and not keen on being in a group and while i was on the course i tried killing myself by taking another overdose. The OT saked me why i feel the way i do i told her every day is a struggle and that i wish every singlr day that the doctors had not saved my life in may 2014, that thoughts of wishing i was dead never stop they are always in my mind. So now she has got me thinking about my mood while i am doing activities and writing down in a form to see which lesson my thoughts and she will go through chart next week with me i guess it cant hurt and using the forum does help because i know i will not be judge for feeling the way i do.
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