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Opinions and anxiety



Jan 2, 2017
Opinions and anxiety !

The situation or story goes; a person spends time investigating, studying, a particular subject, could be car mechanics and racing engines, or history, a famous person, wars and what really happened and why, it could be anything, but you get the point. So, this individual spends years 10 or more looking into whatever as a personal interest and hobby, it’s almost an obsession with them, to dig and uncover reality or truth. Obviously, across the world there are many, many others who also find the same thing equally as interesting and have also spent many years studying this subject. And so, they send messages, films, photos, and other material back and forth over the NET for the benefit of each other, and to the most part they all agree on 98% of the finding and opinions they have unearthed. But over the years these personal discoveries of these enthusiasts have slowly but surely change the very core of their personalities, until they have in many way reevaluated their perspectives and values of truth and reality, it has to, as it’s so profound. They have uncovered conclusive evidence and proof that; what is normally accepted without question to be correct is in fact, incorrect.
Armed with this mind bending reality, this proof, which could change things for the better for everyone; our character enthusiastically begins his preach his new found results to all, but soon finds he is met with willful ignorance and outright rejection to this good news. What’s worse, is after a time, he releases most are happy in their self constructed chains and prison of delusion, so hopelessly lost, some will fight to defend the established view. But, in normal social situations connected topics arise often connected to his specialty knowledge and insights, and so our hero of the story sits and listens without interruption to the indoctrinated errors and beliefs of the group, who seem to enjoy massaging each other’s Ego’s by agreeing with the normal flawed narratives each throw in the conversational mix.
After sometime of listening to claims made, plus judgments being offered about, and conclusions made. Our expert feels and thinks, we are all free to have and express our views on things, and thinks I equally must have the right to have my say, and begins by saying there maybe other views and perspectives which were not mentioned, for example, Bla, bla, bla. And so, members of the group begin to interject, filibuster , in the attempt to stop them from saying anything in a coherent way. Telling him they are not experts on this subject, and further more know nothing about it, but laugh openly and collectively at this different set of views he offers. And so in the end he becomes a kind of social Praia.
It generates anxiety, and after a time our expert slowly retreats into the shadows, socializing less and less; almost becoming a recluse, and insular.
He ponders and reflects these events and summarizes thus; most people appear to be unreasonable, rude, ignorant, and intolerant. They are happy to express their views on whatever, but intolerant to another view. They pick the conversational subject matter and you listen, although you know nothing about it, but you show respect and tolerance by asking and showing some interest in what they say. But somehow when it comes the star of the storyline we don’t want to hear anything you may have to say . Stress and anxiety.
The curious thing seems to be, surly if you admit to not knowing detailed information about a subject and someone offers an opinion why laugh openly and tell them their wrong, when you have just previously admitted you know little or nothing about it, is this some subconscious defence mechanism, or just being antagonistic for the fun, or does it generate some kind of mental meltdown of plan old denial. or Cognitive dissonance. I do confess it sure makes me melt down when I meet with this situation due to the irrationality and rudeness of many others.