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opinion circuitry between sloman and human



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Sep 12, 2016
Just as invisible gravity and magnetic fields exist around you so too does opinion circuitry. This is the circuitry between people that when two minds argue a third party can step in and change the emotion caused by the opinion circuitry. The circuitry is noticeable as a whistling in a room and seems to come from the heart when someone is motivated to react or respond.

There is a small upside down L piece in the middle of your brain that is attached to your plumbing that when you mean yes it will wag up and down and when you mean no it will move side to side. This piece is in between your taste and smell and your balance system or your Akin as I will call it. If you are having problems with anxiety or pain in your cheast or stomach you can relieve it by imagining tasting a food or beverage and then feeling for the L shaped piece in your head.

Back to the opinion circuitry. If the opinion or motives of others doesn't match what's in your heart then the L shaped piece may feel a stress. This is the beginning of anxiety. Feeling love will help alleviate this pain. There are five main emotions in life. Love, indifference or happiness and higher, sadness, anger, and fear. A lot of times strong negative emotions are beget from wanting love or to be loved. Most often other people have different outlooks on life from memory and experiences and have different motives then you which make your love unanswered and frustrating.

Opinion circuitry or smell circuitry is full of selfish stink. People literally get mad out in public just because they think it will be a cure to the long term love pains they have suffered in life or that they know better.

The circuitry is valuable in helping people. One can use voluntary hallucination to tie circuitry to ghosts or Sloman, or living humans, to show good will rather then the common two people arguing and a third one steps in to be a judge. If you need help with a ghost try asking a third party to be the judge for you instead of taking it on all by yourself.

Lab rat

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Feb 6, 2020
Wonder how they go on in Bulgaria where you nod your head for no and shake it for yes?

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