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One thing after another...



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Apr 29, 2013
So where do I start... Two months ago I posted a status on fb. Friend of mine, who I work with, posted a comment some thought as a joke and some didnt. Gf took it wrong way, said it was cheeky, girl replied, end.

Girl proceeds to post on her wall, that I am too terrified of my gf to say anything. I'm abused, i'm by the sounds of it helpless. My supervisor (who was also a mate) posts on this status, deletes her comments and then at the end posts not to let it get to this 'friend'. At this point i'm extremely angry.

EVERYONE from work is aware of this status. So obviously i'm extremely angry. I take notifications off for the status of mine and go asleep. I go out in the morning, come back, to my gf asking me when im leaving her. Confused, she then shows me a massive, status war between this girl, my supervisor, my gfs 2 sisters and my gf? Then these two posted on the supervisors profile that I was a perv etc, scum yada yada, i've always been planning on leaving my GF and so forth...

So supervisor apologises(only when I ask her what the hell happened) but the other doesnt. Then one of my friends I work with/see at work who I havent spoken to in a while, takes me off facebook. I text asking why, he tells me he did it months ago, I apparently shouldn't make a big deal out of it because of this (even though its a lie) and when I cancel the friends request, he then blocks me and my fiancee. Swear to god.

So then I have yet another awkward situation at work. I STILL DEAL WITH THIS. Just polite etc. Then my iphone 5 screen messes up. I take it in, £60 I dont have. Give it, get it fixed, couple of days later screen starts messing around. Not knowing if its a genuine fault, I give it a week.

THEN I come into work to hear rumours about me. Not pleasant ones either. Go to manager - nothing they can do. Still deal. Mate of mine gives me a lift home, after telling me people at work (who have a problem with me) are now being funny with HER... So shes dropping me off, her boyfriend shows up in his car, grills her
about who I am etc, why is she dropping me off... Start while I'm sat in the car, I get out and walk off while she goes after him as he storms off, go home, 3 hours later I get a text from her that hes split up with her.

I STILL DEAL. I go to the phone shop and politely explain my phones screen is messing around and now my phone won't charge. The guy who repaired it goes from saying hes never seen it to yelling I won't get a free screen off him (never even mentioned this) then says he can fix my phone for an extra £35. Apparently its all my fault because I didn't return the INSTANT my phone started messing around (I have a job... wtf). I walk out.Order the part for a FIVER, off ebay and decide im going to do it myself.

Why am I writing this? I'm not sure I can handle it. I feel like... A shell? I guess? Like i'm here, i'm functioning etc but I just.. My whole perception of things, my life has been turned upside down. I was nice.. I wasn't even involved I was friends with them. And no matter what I do, how nice I am, I just get dirty looks/excluded/picked on and bad luck outside of work. I am thinking of moving department now, as trouble
just seems to keep following me. I was going to before, I didn't want to be seen as running but I have had enough and quite frankly I want to go to work, and go home. That's it.


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Sep 29, 2013
Mostly I'd say: it is temporary, this too will pass. It's a shame you got to see the other side of some of your friends, sometimes people treat friendship as passé or a small thing, rather than something deserving loyalty and roughing through a few rough times. But it has a little silver lining, at least you know who you can rely on if something as small as this causes them to drop you on fb.

Why don't you spend time with other friends at work, or try to do something nice for them? Bowling night or an evening of card games? It may change things for you, and get away from this space where you feel everything is against you, which is really all in your mind.

You think things are against you and you're getting a run of bad luck, but a lot of that is just your perception. The mind loves constructing patterns, and a few things going wrong is suddenly made into a bad streak. It's not good to let the mind run away with you... Trying something like yoga or restful and positive meditation might be good for you.