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One of the shift coordinators at work



Well-known member
Jun 5, 2010
In May I did some overtime and was meant to have been paid in June. I didn't and I asked one of my colleagues whether she had been paid her overtime and she said no the coordinator had emailed her and said it had been too early in the month to process it. I never got an email and I never got paid and if it was too early in the month to process it for last month then it would be even earlier in the month for July so will we not get paid then either?
It just goes to show that they think nothing of me to not even email me about the delay and they are putting me back on the worst shift in a way they would never do to someone else.


Well-known member
Jul 11, 2014
Sorry to hear that, I cant comment on these things work related, i havent worked in years. Never could hold down a job thought :)