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One girl's story of recovery from self harm



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May 31, 2008
Sydney, Australia
This is a second story of someone who found a cure for cutting through Jesus
It is written in the link above, (below the clip) but I added it here in case anyone can't be bothered to open the link, - although the first girl's story in the clip is excellent, also.

Teresa writes: "I was a very messed up and angry girl during my adolescent and young teen years. Due to my being sexually molested at age 4 I found anger to be the way in which I dealt with situations that were hurtful to me or that I could not control. Anger and rage became my two best friends which eventually led to a cutting addiction which began at age 14 and continued through age 20. I would cut in order to transfer pain from my heart to somewhere else on my body, thereby masking the heart pain and exchanging it for body-pain. I would cut when I was angry, I would cut when I was discouraged or depressed, and I would cut even when I was happy. It was a horrible addiction that has left me with the lasting marks on my shoulder where I would cut to transfer pain. In my early twenties something changed. The only way I can describe it is through meeting Jesus Christ, and His healing me at the cross. I know that sounds strange, but it is truly what happened to me. At church one day I found myself kneeling, in my mind, at the foot of the cross where Jesus died. I saw His wounds! I saw His bleeding. I saw that He was wounded for me to forgive my sin and to heal my heart. I turned to Him and begged for forgiveness and I have been forgiven and changed and made new. The cross was my place of healing, and I have not cut now in nearly 4 years."—Teresa Laughlin
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