On the brink



I don't make a habit of posting my feelings.

This is probably my last.

I can't find anything to say other than I hope you find a way of dealing with life better than I can.

Good luck.


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May 30, 2012
small town Ontario, Canada
I don't post my feelings on social media a lot PaulLot, but on here being anonymous and having so many compassionate, understanding people has really helped me a lot. It's the one safe place I can post out all the stuff I can't talk about at home, with family or with Joe Blow around the corner. I know it's hard posting when you are used to keeping this stuff all locked inside. But I've found it quite a relief to be able to write it out on here and know people are seeing it and can relate. You can make good friends here. Hope you do keep posting. Try not to overwhelm yourself though, if you need a break there's nothing wrong with that. Welcome to the forum btw.


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Nov 23, 2015
I hate myself.
Find myself sitting here most days thinking;
is this really it. LIFE. What a massive joke,
feeling so small, unwanted and unloved. Often thinking
whats the point a nervous wreck filled with anxiety too
scared to ask for help or even do normal daily activities.

But we are here, on this planet living.
Seek out what makes you the happiest in life,
relaxes you the most.

From now the next 50 years of my life is a repetitive cycle,
but i do not care i am safe and in someways happy. I hate
change and not knowing what will come next, keeping it
simple will ensure this. As being a new guy to this health problem i can't offer you any advise

But all i can say is hang in there buddy, keep active in the forums even possibly get chatting amongst other people such as yourself and meet up. Remember people like us never judge, we experience similar things and in somewhat already have an understanding of how live life.

I wish you all the best <3 people are here, and indeed very real and we all love you and every other person who has to suffer in our own bodies, knowing YOU are the problem.

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Nov 5, 2015
Hi and welcome :welcome:

It's not your habit to post your feelings then why not make it as your habit. It's actually quite beneficial if you have some sort if outlet to release your emotions. Venting out through writing is actually a great way and after you have rant about, you will feel great. Also this forum have many intellectual, friendly, and sympathetic members who will accompany you on your journey to surviving life. Just hang in there and give it a try, some forums actually have saved lives and I really believe that all of us when we work together all sadness and whatever illness can be defeated.


Nov 25, 2015
I totally agree with you, I hated opening up and talking about my illness but I now find talking helps


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Jul 12, 2011
Hi Paul

I think the majority of people on here probably have feelings similar to what your feeling - so we understand ......... even if nobody else does! just hang around with us on here........