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On behalf of my brother


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May 11, 2010
Fife, Scotland
My brother has suffered from psychosis for nearly two years now, he's also been through his teenage years too, which has resulted in a double dose of stress for my parents, as myself and my younger sister left home years ago now. We realise that this most probably had an affect on his illness but we both cannot quit our full time jobs which are based at the opposite ends of the UK.

Having been in and out of two homes for young people with similar mental illnesses, he finally arrived home summer last year. My parents were getting visits from the Early Intervention Team, until my dad felt that there was no use for them, as all of the behaviour that my brother had displayed was met with the response of 'typical teenage behaviour.' Which I admit in hindsight, some of it would have been, but mostly a cause of his illness. So dad stopped the EIT from coming around.

My brother has been kept busy with activities such as cadets and has also completed a twelve week's course with two weeks work experience at M and S which proved successful - but they just want him back as work experience and won't offer him a job, which I think is quite harsh. However, amongst all of the teenage behaviour that he portrays at home, he is constantly causing a really upsetting environment for my parents, sometimes reducing one of them to tears. My parents feel that there is nothing out there for them to help, as they seem to have driven it all away and as a consequence they feel quite lonely.

He improves slightly when either myself or my sister are at home - but that's only for a matter of days at a time, and he would still go off in one of his moods. I do not know the full story, but that is pretty much the jist of it. I know that at the start of his illness he was put on different medications which made him drowsy and his reactions slow, I think this was Alanzapine. The doctors originally told my parents that he should be on that for two years, which is a ridiculously long time as he wasn't improving back then. My parents were in constant meetings with the doctors and managing to change them to be able to get a better option for their son. So they've done the most they can do for him, and it is heartbreaking to see that they do not know where to turn now as they are at the end of their tether and almost beyond caring.

To calm him down I know the Bach's remedies have been used, but still don't know if they are now. I figured I'd ask for help now as my parents seem reluctant to, or believe that there is no help, which is wrong. They really are desperate for a solution.

Thanks for your time.


Oct 26, 2008
derbyshire UK
Hi hun sorry to hear your going through a rough patch. What meds is your bro on now and has he been in hospital at all? I prosume he has if hes had the EIT? How old was he when it started and how old is he now? sorry for all the questions! my brother is poorly and we have just managed after 8 years to get the care he needs!!!! mental health is rubbish here and you really have to push them into getting him the right care! what illness does he have? you can email me if you want to talk
[email protected]

take care Hails x
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