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Olanzipine and OCD?



Aug 7, 2009
I went through a period of extreme sleep deprivation (four days no sleep) and went to a hospital for help where I was commited to a ward for 48 hours, misdiagnosed with psychosis (due to having a history of cannabis and psychedelic usage and suicidal thoughts) and given olanzipine repeatedly along with tamazepam..

i've always had strange urges that I managed to suppress quite easily, but sometimes gave into.. and I thought that this might be quite normal. But lately they've been getting stranger and a lot harder to control (The urge to clip pegs onto all of my fingers every time I see pegs even though I know it hurts, the urge to touch every pale on a fence from left to right as I walk past if they're segregated, the urge to sit down in public and pace back and forth).. My obsessions are mostly with seeing patterns in things, and also with sound which I get sucked into (I find certain sounds like trains, traffic, static, water really entrancing), this has also been getting worse to the point where when these sounds/patterns are present I can't focus on conversation.. I read that Olanzipine can bring on obsessive-compulsive traits in people who didn't have them before, I felt as though I was having some sort of indescribable adverse reaction to it when I took it and it exacerbated my already existing short term memory problems.

So my questions are..
A) Does what i'm experiencing sound like Obsessive compulsive disorder


B) if this is a side effect of the Olanzipine, will it be temporary or has the drug forever given me OCD?
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Sep 22, 2008
Hi Sir Odd.
Welcome to the forum.
I found your post interesting because I am also taking olanzapine.I'm on 15mg,which is quite a high dose,I think the maximum dose is 20mg.I've been taking it for about 2 years now.
The big side effect that I have experienced is weight gain,4 1/2 stone in 2 years.
I've never heard of olanzapine causing OCD before.Massive weight gain and diabetes I have read about,but not OCD.Where did you read about it?
I did have a period when I first started taking olanzapine where I would rock back and forth.I have stopped doing that now.
I notice you said you smoke cannabis.That is generally frowned upon here as it makes mental health symptoms worse,apparently.I smoke cannabis myself because I find it relaxing.I have recently stopped drinking.