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Olanzapine side effects


pinscher chi

Mar 16, 2019
I started taking Olanzapine about six weeks ago to help with anxiety, OCD, anorexia and depression. I have definitely been having the side effect of drowsiness but I have also developed swelling / fluid retention in my feet. Swelling / fluid retention can also be an effect / sympton of anorexia for various reasons, so I am not sure if I am having this side effect due to my anorexia or due to the Olanzapine, but I want to ask others who have been on Olanzapine if you experienced swelling and how fast this went away if / when you stopped taking Olanzapine.
Thank you.


Well-known member
Sep 22, 2008
I've not heard this side effect from olanzapine before. How do you feel about the situation? Have there been any improvements after six weeks?


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Aug 1, 2014

Well i suffer with aches and pains anyhow, so I can't really remember now, whether if the Onlanzapine was the cause of it all.

If this is the case, meaning the swelling, I would highly recommend, hold on a minute (mods, can I drop a name brand on this note? Please readjust if necessary, thanks) a gel, you can get i think indiana is in the States, I'm not sure, calll Arnicare Cooling Gel, it's a green and white tube, and can be bought in Walgreens.

i hope this might help.

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