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Okay, My turn i guess..



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Jan 24, 2015
Hi everyone, i'm fairly new to this and not sure how long i'll use this site (some i join, then forget about etc.)

But yeah, I'm Dan.. 28 years old from the UK. And i've suffered from depression since 19 years old, well i call it depression but because i've never been and seen anyone.. its only me calling it that.

Each day is completely 50/50 for no reason, i either feel bad or i feel good. If i feel good then sometimes the smallest thing can cause me to change and ruin my day. I dislike how my life is going at the moment and nothing seems to give me excitement and feeling. I have a job, (its horrible) i have my own house, i have some good friends and i get attention of girls.. some dates have gone great, but i feel empty every single time and refuse to commit to going into a relationship, or even a 3rd date. I can feel myself searching for something , like i'm supposed to be here for a reason doing something unique but i have no idea what.

is this a form of depression?


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Welcome to the forum. :hi:
Have you chatted to a doctor about how you're feeling?
Obviously I can't comment or say I think that you have a mood disorder for example, because I could be totally wrong.
I think if your issues are affecting your quality of life, and it sounds like they are and have done for years, then it's worth reaching out for help.

You don't necessarily need to be taking any meds. Perhaps seeing a therapist or counsellor and exploring your moods and feelings of being a bit lost could really help.
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