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Ok.... do I ?!



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Jun 20, 2009
on the edge of nowhere
So I’m lying in bed thing morning, my mind going 19-to-the-dozen as per usual, thoughts flitting in and out of my head, one of them leaps out at me and I say aloud, “Oh, do shut up.” And then I realise. In my own minor way, do I hear voices? My brain talks at me. I don’t ‘hear’ anything, it’s not a ‘hallucination’ voice, it’s very much in my mind, but it’s very distinct and has its own tone of voice, sometimes it’s useful and sometimes it’s negative. It’s the voice that, when I was sat in church as a teenager, would pop up and say, “I hate God.” And then conjure up images of erect penises. LOL yes that used to happen to me in church. And I’d sit there mortified and apologise profusely to God saying I didn’t mean it, that it wasn't me thinking that...!!!:LOL::LOL::LOL:

Now, I’m considering the possibility that this is my mind trying to empathise (boyfriend just diagnosed schizophrenic) but equally it sort of makes sense. There were a couple of other things that hit me, I can’t remember them now, but I think one of them was my inability to meditate because I can’t quiet my mind.

Now I’ve realised this I can’t turn off from it! And I’m wondering if I’m making it up or not... Yeah the number of times I ‘have thoughts’ and then turn round and say aloud, “Oh, do shut up already...”!!! And have 'thought conversations' back and forth in my mind where it really does seem like the other side of the conversation pops up in my mind spontaneously with no imagination from myself.

It's not distressing, it doesn't affect my depression at all (I don't think, I'll try and pay attention next time I have an episode), I always thought it was my 'gut feeling' talking to me which sometimes it is and sometimes it's not.

Anyone else get 'minor voices'? Or am I just making something of nothing?




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Apr 4, 2008
I suffer from depression and discussed this sort of thing with the psychiatrist. I was told it was obsessional rumination and I wasn't going mad. It might not be the same with you but worth talking to a professional about it.