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OK.... Any concentration techniques????



Well-known member
Oct 11, 2010
Hey all...

i know i seem like a newbie to most of you.... and i'm sorry for that... but i am rubbish at staying in contact with anyone... runs in the family :)

what i want is does anyone have any tips for pushing up the concentration level when you are in a "freak out"...

when you know things are shakey... but if you loose it in this one thing then it will have proper consequences..

i'e. i am 90 pages behind on my uni course and just had to leave the library coz the quiteness was making the tapping of the keys into bird-noises... and the world was dolly zooming on the way home.... like the fence was undulation but it's shadow wasn't..........slight psychosis i know.... but nothing too bad ATM...

i ride the Psychosis wagon so this is not new

OK i am going to ask for help but in the mean time i will not get behind in this one thing... have cut out caffiene and alcohol.... trying to let my brain chems chill....

anyone got any bright idea's

and yes i am planning on seeing the doc.... working to courage up for it.....

talked to hubby about it last night.... he is a good boy and didn't freak...

those of you who know me, know this is not as bad as i get.... no graphic violent halucinations yet.... though my shadow was trying to be a monster.. lol

Tips welcomed



Something that my trauma therapist told me about which I've found to be SO helpful is square breathing which helps me to regain focus, etc.

Close your eyes and imagine a square. Starting in the top left hand corner, track your eyes to the right whilst breathing in. As you then go down the right side, breathe out. Then breathe in again as you go along the bottom line and out again as you get back up to the top left hand corner. It keeps your breathing very regular and gives you something to visualize. But don't rush it. Take your time and see yourself move along the lines slowly. Worth a go?

Sarah xx


Well-known member
Nov 9, 2012
What about dividing your study time into very small time slots, whatever seems suitable and do something completely different in the other times, rather than trying to a continued session, in the end you may get more done in the time slot, eg. just work 20mins in every hour, and be very strict with yourself.

Perhaps you could look up mindfulness techniques, they may help (but it depends in some they don,t)
I find quiet difficult in terms of what you are talking about so find it easier to works when there is more going on around me so I would put tv on or radio or headphones, I know that seems counter to what you might feel you need to concentrate but it is almost like all the different noise uses up the senses and my mind can then focus.

Another thought is to try and create an association in your brain between when you are going to concentrate and when you are not, so for example chew gum when you do your 20 min slot, or have a ring on a bell at the start and bell at the end to try and get you brain the associated this with a period of focus. I then see it is turning the radio in my mind to in between station where I can hear white noise but not in a way you can hear thoughts or voices, and I can work over white noise.

Anyway just suggestions I don,t know if they will help. Your situation sounds hard.