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Oh Sun (Poem about depression)



Apr 20, 2018
Oh Sun

Oh sun so mighty,
A blood orange Pharos,
Basking in all its glory,
Take my hand,
And guide me through the darkness.

The blush of the day fades,
Into a lifeless mist and soon
The Siberian chill, that burns my skin,
Turns me numb.
My body, my heart.
My heavy, heavy heart,
Cannot fathom the weight.
The weight. The pain. The pain, pain
Of the weight,
Dragging me under, under,
Into the night,
Lives for my surrender.

And so, all light is banished,
And the darkness calls,
To wake the shadows,
And paint my world black.

Oh sun, guide me through,
Through the darkness,
And into the light


Nice I like it. Maybe you should get your work copy righted.


:nod1:Really good. I started writing a few poems, I don't have much confidence in my writing however. That was beautifully written, good job.
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