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Oh dear lord it's Chrismas time....



New member
Aug 24, 2009
Qld, Australia
This is my most unpopular time of the year due to the wonderful (sarcasm) get togethers we have to attend. Oh what joy every year family and friends ask so what have you been up to and I get to reply some garbled response about my gardening which is not what they want to hear about. Of course no party I attend is complete without what I call brain farts thats when you start talking because your nervous and as the words are coming out of your mouth your brain is going NOOOOO and yet your mouth keeps going. A brain fart is of course completely inappropriate. One Christmas someone commented that Bob Geldof was looking haggard and I responded that wouldn't you if your wife killed herself and left you with the kids. To which I realised was a major fart because in August that year my Aunt suicided and left my uncle with 2 kids to raise on his own. Whoops...brain fart. :oops:

Come on people surely I am not the only one who brain farts.....



Well-known member
Dec 6, 2009
I have them too. Daily. Usually at work... :oops: :LOL: I find all i can really do about it is laugh before someone else laughs at me first, or gets offended. I'm kind of lucky with my workplace, everyone is really laid back and its mostly guys so I'm not the only one who blurts out random inappropriate or stupid things. And when with my family the worst i'll get is a 'omg... idiot' look then they move on and its all forgotten.

I think the more you try not to sound stupid the more chances you have of doing so. That could just be me...

Sorry wish i could suggest some sure fire way of stopping that but cant really. I've tried thinking about everything before i say it a few times. For me it works out one of two ways. I forget after just half an hour or i give myself a headache lol.

On a side note what i hate about christmas is the crowds and crowds of people in shopping centres. I started my shopping beginning of November and they were already insanely large. I like walking fast and in a direct line, having to dodge and slow down and beeline five times the distance does my head in :mad:. I find myself wishing i had one of those electric cow prods...


Dec 8, 2009
near Grimsby Lincs
I have Brain fart syndrome too,I have been to one party in the last 10 years,and I made a quick exit after 2 hours so I wouldn't end up embarrassing myself or anyone else...