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Off topic !! Fractured leg help ?



Well-known member
Jul 17, 2017
Hey guys . I know this ia off topic but id love some input .. I fell 2 weeks ago on some water spilled on a bar floor. I hurt my leg and had to get an x-ray on my fibula bone done in a&e but it showed nothing. A week later I went back to my own doctor still in bad pain and had another x-ray done which showed an abnormality in the bone and I was advised to leave it 10 days before having a 3rd x-ray. I had my 3rd one done today. I still have a lot of pain in my leg. I can walk on the leg with a serious limp and pain. Has anyone had anything similar and had to get a leg cast ?


Well-known member
Aug 1, 2014
HI, I know I had a fall back in 2007, and I happened to have gone and done a wayne rooney style of injury - broken my meto tasso.

Anyway, fortunately, tubi grip support, painkillers, and relaxation sessions in at home, were the order of that time then.

I still have pain in the foot region, due to damp or wet or cold weathers, fortunately, though, thankfully, i haven't had any more falls since.

I don't know about leg cast, I haven't had that done, however, if the hospital come up with it, and I would seriously advise it, i would try crutches out, they could help, mind you, with me, i just couldn't manage crutches at all, and mum lent me her walking stick! I was happier after that!


Nov 17, 2017
Is there any chance you have a muscle injury, or even in your ligaments? Maybe you kind of twisted your bone, yes that's possible! It's a Sprain, I think that's how it's called. I had a terrible knee injury last year, and I had to go to 3 different doctors to sort things out. Long story short I had a completely torn ACL, partially torn MCL , partially torn meniscos, and I injured my femur to the point of having edema inside of the bone, on the bone marrow. Yes it hurts. I personally felt way more pain because of my ligaments, but I'm sure the edema contributed as well. I had to go to a private orthopedist , who diagnosed Everything without x ray, but ordered a MRI anyways. If there's a abnormality in the bone, shouldn't you walk with crutches?
I didn't really understand, is your leg really broken? If it was the doctors would have casted it right away. But it could be a small tiny frature! I had one in my shoulder blade and it was only seen on my second x Ray. No cast tho.
I broke my leg when I was 11. I had a cast for 6 weeks. Not the coolest thing... It gets itchy inside. They basically put a sock on your leg, put a lot of padding n finally, the cast. Depending on the one you get, it may be real heavy or not I had fibercast 😊
Also, I don't think you could really walk on your leg if it was broken - I had a friend who has a micro fracture on his fibula, and he could barely put his foot to the ground. I could barely move my shoulder too. Anyways, the best of luck! Try some painkillers and ice. I'd say you should visit another doctor.