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OCD Success Story



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Oct 13, 2010
I was once told by my therapist that one is never free of OCD but I think I have come a long way.

For a while I was emotionally cripled by driving, to the point that I turned down a promotion at work because it involved driving a large vehicle. I was taught to drive by a parent who was yelling, shaking his fist in my face and cursing me while I was driving correctly. Later, driver's education classes were a positive experience.

As I aged, the stress grew worse. I would redrive my route if I did not remember every moment. I would drive through school zones again as I thought I ran someone over. I would park in the back of the parking lot on purpose as parking spaces were torture. If I had to park in one, I would check all my bumpers repeatedly (even in the middle of the nigh with a flashlight) to make sure I didn't hit anything. I also worried about leaving the apartment door unlocked and the stove on (thus burning cat paws).

The key to ending this cycle is to resist the compulsion, aka urge to do something. This takes 2 weeks and it is excruciating. You need another activity to try such as working on a craft project or going for a walk every time your nerves start to flare.

Sometimes, you really don't realize how odd some of your coping habits look to others. Ask yourself this sometimes to know if this is a habit that you really need to lose.

It has been 10 years and I have no more problems with OCD. I have even endured burglaries (stalker problem with a crooked locksmith in that family, long story) and I don't usually double check my doors. I just trust myself. I even have a gas stove.

I drive all over a 400k city. I've even driven 12 hours alone on road trips. I don't retrace any of my route or worry. It's just the wind in my hair.

I'm not a hand washer, tooth brushing compulsive or anything. I've done some things where any squimish person would faint and I'm healthy.

You can conquer this too. I do tend to deal with emotional problems with too much junk food and am carrying extra weight but I was raised by an abusive family. My weight is directly proportional to my stress level.


Dec 17, 2010
It's good to hear at least one person has gotten over their OCD. For the rest of us, the battle continues...