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OCD sex life



New member
Dec 24, 2018
Hi, im a male 20 and am severly anxious cos
intrusive thoughts are ruining my interactioms with girls.
I see myself as a,man with a,lot more to.offer women
than average men hence why women
approach me alot. however to begin i get thoughts
racing about false sexual.ideas amd get shy or if im.ol the ocd
thoughts are stoppin me from openin up and relaxing. parties don't
excite me as,much anymore, i always back out when
a girl wants to gez touchy and i know its the ocd its
hurting me bcos other guys are looking me, like im a joke
or gay , i jusr think thesedays now my ocd has got real.bad
if i do anything sexual with a girl.just like dancinh kissing etc
ppl will think im a perv, and theyre watching me. ruining and ruling my,life. help.


Well-known member
Jun 14, 2017
Hello there, I'm sorry that this is affecting you so badly, here to listen. As MidnightPheonix says have you spoken to your GP, you need some support to get through this. It does not have to be like this at all and it is possible to get through it with help.
Welcome to the forum.:)