OCD returning slowly



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May 6, 2019
Hi everyone, I was really worried to post here since my OCD has decided to pop up after a good few months of dealing with it. I feel like I'm stressed out my mind! Luckily, my compulsive thoughts seem to be somewhat at bay, but my obsessive thoughts are back.

I'll try to explain it the best that I can - When I've had a bad few days, or other people I care about have, I'll immediately go into OCD mode. Usually in my day to day life I get on with my hobbies, but when I'm going through a dark period, I'll be too terrified to do what I love doing in fear that it'll be associated with the bad days. For instant - eating a certain food - if I eat a particular food on a bad day, I'll immediately think 'oh god, I've now contaminated it with this crappy day' and then I'll be too scared to eat it again in fear that I'll make the next day bad - if that makes sense. My OCD is super intricate so everything I do seems to go into a full cycle of OCD, anxiety and then just outright fear.

I thought coming to a mental health forum could help find some tips and things to help me feel like there's others in this community of people who go through these things too, so I'll give it a go!

Thank you!

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