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OCD or Neurosis



New member
Aug 16, 2010
As a first time visitor, I'm gogin to start by saying that this isn't easy for me to communicate in, but really feel the need to get some advice.

My partner (34) was diagnosed with OCD approximately 16 years ago, but after 8 years together, nothing seemed to rinig true, so I finally persuaded him to seek further advice and help. His route to gaining help was long, but the psycologist advised that he had nuerosis rather than OCD. This is supposedly helped with certain drugs, but I'm seeing no change.

He is currently out of work, and sees little value in himself, or our relationship. He is angry all the time. While not drinking per say, if he does, he becomes aggressive, irrational and violent, in the past two weeks he has resorted to hitting me. I'm trying desparately to help, to be supportive, but can see no way through his issues.

He's seeing a therapist, but I'm not included, so have no idea what they discuss, what the therapist is trying to achieve with him, and feel totally isolated. I feel like I'm caught between a rock and a hard place, if I decide to end our relationship I can see him spiralling totally out of control, and I can't let that happen, but if I let this behaviour continue I feel like I will end up either going mad or in hospital.

I'm not looking for a shoulder to cry on, I'm just in need of some sort of advice on how to help, how to cope and what resources are out there that I can call upon.



Well-known member
Jun 4, 2010
SW England
Dear Milo,

Well for qualified help try contacting:


Help line: 0845 053 1785
Hours 24/7
e-mail [email protected]

If you, or somebody you know, are struggling with an addiction (be it alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, stress and depression) then there is only one reason for seeking treatment... hope. Rehabilitation clinic.Immediate admission to our rehab clinic is possible and often necessary as our patients, and their families, can find themselves in crisis situations.

Rethink general enquiries
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Rethink advice and information service
Telephone: 0207 840 3188 or 0845 456 0455 (open 10am to 2pm*Monday - Friday) or e-mail: [email protected]
Give advice on caring for someone.

Pieta House
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