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OCD Intrisive thoughts



New member
Jan 6, 2018
Hey all, new to the forums, but have been a long time sufferer of Obsessive Compulsive Dissorder and the intrusive thoughts that go along with it. Recently, after 7 years, I decided to get off of Prozac seeing how it made me feel completely emotionless at times. Currently it has been around 2 months since I stopped taking (doctor said it was fine to stop all at once because of the long half life that it holds) and I have been more anxious than ever before in my life (asside from the one other time I attempted to wein off of it). My thoughts as of tonight are about me forgetting who I am and becoming someone else, almost as if I am the same person with completely different interests staying here and wondering what I am doing. Of course my logical brain tells me that I am still me and knows what is and has been happing in my life as well as who I am. I just can't seem to shake the anxious fog of worry about this thought. It feels like it's just hopelessly surrounding me, of course it doesn't help that I have been at home sick today and my brain isn't functioning all that well to begin with. I think it's about time for Xanax. Thanks for the support and conversation ahead of time.


Well-known member
Jun 23, 2016
I find that I am different myself on different days
It's not that you are a different person it's that ON THIS DAY I MAY BE.......
I may be irritable I maybe be TIRED I may be stressed I may be plain angry.
And all of the above is normAl.


Active member
Jul 26, 2016
I have OCD with intrusive thoughts that can really make me feel crazy. I was in therapy for a long time. When this anxiety happens, I try to focus on one thing and describe it with extreme detail. Like this: the candle holder is flat on the bottom but has raised bumps. They are silver. Two have tarnish. The bottom is about 4 inches in diameter. The stem of the candle holder is painted purple. There are 3 flower petals that are red and one is white. The white petal is 1 inch long. Like that, with as much detail as possible. Also, you can close your eyes and say THE over and over, or trace a circle in your mind. The purpose is to distract your mind, interrupt it. You can also immerse your face in ice water for 30 seconds. It sounds weird, but it works.