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OCD for 1.5 years



New member
Dec 20, 2018
Hello all. I have been suffering with a very strange OCD for one and half years. I used to suffer from ritualistic behavior when I was younger, arranging, hand washing, rapid eye blinking, but I was somehow able to get over it. Without getting into too many specifics, I started having intrusive thoughts and behaviors 18 months ago in which I basically feel compelled to glance at people's private areas. There's no sexual attraction ever and is man or woman. It all started when a coworker tried to sabotage me at work. It drives me up the walls. I don't feel relief until I do it, and want to do it all the time. What do you all suggest. It's a very miserable situation.


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
Hiya and :welcome: to the forum. Its natural to glance there from time to time for everyone, but this has obviously become something stronger than that. Its a way of gaining control over emotions that bother you a lot I'd imagine and distracts you from feeling out of control or allowing emotions to flood you. The key is to identify the emotion you feel just after you do it and try to name it. Then chase down why you are feeling that, like a chain analysis. Often we have a "trivial" response which causes great distress and we don't realise it hides something bigger going on.

An example was when I bought some shoe racks for my bedroom and was overwhelmed with emotion suddenly for no reason whatsoever. I couldn't understand it, but then thought about the shoe racks, realised they were cheap ones and a picture flashed in my mind of my husband. I thought about him for a moment, and heard him saying that they were rubbish and he would make me some. Then I realised that I was experiencing a little grief (he had died 5 years earlier) and whilst I thought I was over it, some suddenly hit me. All over shoe racks!