OCD false memories



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Feb 17, 2018
Yes I have this too ! I didn't realize it was a symptom of anything until I read this post! I have to convince myself I didn't hit someone I saw on the sidewalk or I'll make up crazy negative crap and I will get anxiety from it even though it wasn't real


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May 8, 2019
I have only just seen this forum and hope someone can help. For the past six months my husband has been convinced there is someone trying to break into our house. We live in a very safe area and this is so unlikely it's untrue. At one point he was 'seeing' these burglars but now he just hears them but is convinced they are there even when he can see they are not. This is happening as much as four times every night. He is becoming obsessive about security to the point that I worry that if there is a fire, we won't be able to get out of the house. I have tried to tell him that nobody would make about 700 attempts to break in in six months without giving up but he doesn't believe me. These people never get beyond our back gate - they just stand in our drive and talk to each other. He is now convinced he knows what car they are driving and where they are going when they leave.

He is also having memories of events that never happen. For example - we went to a bar recently and had a bottle of wine then left. The next day he was really angry with the owner of the bar because he was convinced they wouldn't serve us any more drinks and told us to leave. This is so untrue but he is convinced it happened and says I didn't hear it so I'm wrong.

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