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OCD best gloves for cleaning & advice



New member
Apr 16, 2016
I have OCD and one of my main problems is touching things and having to wash my hands this is worse when I know what I'm touching is dirty so of course gloves!

However my doctor/ dentist gloves break a lot when cleaning and the normal washing up gloves aren't long enough and after one use they feel dirty themselves :(

I preferably need gloves up to my arm pits as you know oh this touched my wrist: washing wrist, did I clean it or was it further up? Continue up to arm pit and then be forced to do the other side -.- on an even worse day I'll be forced to have a shower

Anyone know where I can find super long gloves? That aren't super expensive or can survive the washing machine?


Apr 4, 2015
Sorry, I don't know. But I could ask my ex, he uses gloves and may know. Or you could go online and look for long life gloves. Maybe Lakeland would sell them? Or other houseware companies? That would be my advice.. Sorry I can't help more.:hug1:


Well-known member
Feb 14, 2016
Birmingham UK
I have OCD too and I can't bring myself to clean unless I'm wearing gloves. I have four different coloured pairs for specific cleaning tasks so that I don't cross contaminate.

I use sensitive skin friendly gloves like Marigold, unfortunately I suffer quite badly with sensitive skin. My favourite pair are also my favourite colour, light blue and they are from Sainsburys.

I am also quite possessive over my gloves, I try my hardest to keep them as clean as possible. Before I wear my gloves, I have to wash my hands twice to make sure that my hands are as clean as possible :unsure: