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OCD and studying difficulties



Nov 4, 2014
Im hoping someone here experiences something similar amd can give me advice.
I have finals next week.
I cant bring myself to study normally.
This is what I do. ..
In my head i cant start a chapter, start notes, then stop and pick up where I left off.
I like to make outlines of all chapters. And I just can not bring myself to do it over various free periods of time.
And i have a family so im always interrupted. Its impossible to do anything in one sitting!
But i just can not pick up where i left off! It sounds so stupid.
I dont know why, i just feel like i wont remember if its not all done at one time.
And i feel like its not right if its not done in pen.
And sometimes i start my notes over if i feel ive written the information wrong.
If im far enough in the chapter ill restart at the begining on the note page and rewrite everything i previously wrote on that page.

Right now each chapter takes a few hours to thoroughly go through and organize into an outline.
Its not doable.
So i just avoid it all together.

Or restart from the begining every single time and end up doing the same information over and over again. I need to study but i cant bring myself to do it if it wont be done right.

This sounds really really stupid and im worried no one will understand.
Its literally kept me from studying or doing any school work all semester. I have to wait til the last minute when my fear of failing outweighs my anxiety over doing it wrong and causing myself to not remember. Or i dont know. I really dont know why it has to be done a particular way. Its just not right to do it any other way.

I cant highlight. I highlight everything! Everything is important. But if i put it in my own words i can compress it a bit.

I cant just read something.

I have to rewrite it in a neat and orderly manner with no errors all at one time.
I dont even know if this is an OCD behavior or a personal quirk.
I hate that i post in this forum so much.
Sorry! Im just freaking out
Im sure everyone is going to say, just study when you have time.
I caaaaant. Even if i start at night or wake up early i still dont have enough time to finish even one chapter. And then ill just start over again.
Anyone have any helpful suggestion if youve ever had similar difficulties?


New member
Dec 31, 2014
I have tons of studying and learning issues associated with OCD. I repeat things in my head over and over, mostly because my brain is not comprehending it and I cant remember anything. But also because I really want to learn the information and not just pass a test. Its cause a lot of stress and Im not in school anymore.