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OCD and co sleeping



Nov 19, 2019
United States
Does anyone else co-sleep with their children? One of the reasons my OCD got extremely bad almost 10 years ago was because of an incident that happened.

My son was somewhere around 3-4 weeks old. I remember he was sleeping on my chest for the night because I was so scared of him not breathing in his sleep.

Anyway, I think I remember having this dream about another guy aside from my husband (which I feel guilt for too) but I remember waking up with orgasm. This is too much info but I don't remember if I like squeezed my legs together to finish it or not.

My OCD and anxiety brain kicked in after that and was like, well what if my son's leg was right there and it caused the orgasm. What if he moved and it caused it. What if I used his leg to finish it? What if I woke up between my sleeping and almost awake state and did something?

It sounds crazy. I literally remember seeing how tall my baby was and then seeing if like it was possible for his leg to be around that area on me and I can't remember now.

This hasn't bothered me for years and now all of a sudden since I am anxious about everything else in my life, I am remembering it again with the what ifs, etc.

Has anyone else co-slept and had a dream/woke up with orgasm and you know you didn't do anything but you question it?

Now my youngest son sleeps with us and I'm always making sure I am not facing him or anything. Not that I'd do anything, but that way if I have another dream or something, that way my OCD can't trick me into thinking anything.


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Jan 2, 2020
I used to have dreams of having sex with my kids or doing other things.. It was absolutely painful when I woke up each time questioning whether I wanted to do these things. If deep down I was completely fucked up. But the key difference between me and a paedo is that I don't want it! This realization helped me to heal. I have no more intrusive sexual thoughts or dreams but my OCD has moved on to other topics..