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occupational therapy



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Sep 5, 2012
So I was with my mh team n they said that because of how my mh has progressed I'm now on secondary care (anyone know what that means) so I have to see an occupational therapist, never been before n quite scared cos I researched it n they say they do loadsa tests on me but i don't wana feel like a test subject, it makes me very irritable hence why school didnt go too great with exams. Anyone seen one before got any advice or a quick run down on what happened with u please just so I know what to expect??


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Apr 22, 2013
Hi Danni,

Secondary care basically means that services have been provided to you but they won't have direct contact with you, they can treat you as an inpatient or outpatient.

As for the OT, I have never seen one myself but my cousin has to see one. I've been there when the OT has been there and yes they do ask questions and do tests but that's only to get a better understanding of the care needed for you. Honestly, they are absolutely amazing at what they do and have done so much good work for my cousin. Also, my sisters fiance has to see an OT and they are amazing with him to. They have given him the care needed and got the ball rolling for everything else. I'd honestly say that I don't think you have anything to worry about whatsoever. I've heard nothing but positive things about them.

Stay strong and be safe x
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