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obsessive thoughts



i have schizophrenia, adhd, autism, generalised anxiety disorder and a personality disorder, my question is about repeating anxious violent thoughts and how i can get rid of them

I currently take 60mg of citalopram and 4mg of risperidone. do you think if i took more risperidone my thoughs would go away. i keep on imaging conflicts with police bouncers being in court losing control

does any one else have these constnat negative images coming into their mind?


Well-known member
Oct 11, 2008
I have a lot of constant negative images. They used to be like yours, violent and aggressive, but over the years it has moved so that I am now the victim in those scenarios.

I do not know anything about that medication so I cannot advise, but the best thing is to ask the person who is prescribing you the medication I would think.

Hope you get it sorted, and are having a good day :)

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