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obsessive over my teeth - is this normal



New member
Jan 20, 2020
Hey, hope everyones having a good day

I'm 23 years old and have been struggling with symptoms of depression & anxiety recently

6 months ago I visited the dentist (after years of not) and had huge dental work done, fillings on ALL my front teeth and I can't stop obsessing over them since

I keep testing my bite and feel it changed, keep checking my fillings with my phone's flash light to check for any recurring caries, I couldn't even focus at work (and my job is hectic) because I keep testing my bite and I JUST WANT TO FORGET ABOUT THEM, I occasionally check old pictures of my smile and compare, I got myself an OTC night guard because I grind like crazy and got so comfortable with it that I started wearing it during the day "because my teeth don't touch" AND THEN STARTED OBSESSING THAT MY BACK MOLARS RAISED and my bite changed over the two weeks since I started them

I started reading of cases where I can extract them all and whether thats possible or not given my age & the fact that most of my teeth are OK
Even my depression got worst over this & I keep getting repetitive suicidal thoughts onnnlly because my teeth!!

I'm starting to think this is driving me crazy and I need help, I hate dentists so much and so scared to go back and get my bite fixed (if anything is wrong in the first place) because it feels like It'll only get worst and I'll get more obsessed

idk... does this sound as OCD? and do I need help?


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Dec 17, 2019
London, ON
Dude - keep as many teeth as long as you can. Trust me.

For various reasons, my teeth got bad, and my mental state was such I let it happen. It ended up being my sorta-secret self-harm thing, dealing with the pain.

Anyway, I wised up, and had to have then all removed. Dentures are annoying. They look fine, I talk fine, but, so many food are no too much trouble to eat.

I dunno about OCD, but there's definite anxiety going on about it with you.