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Obsession with coincidences/premonitions



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Feb 5, 2015
One problem i’ve had for years is an (OCD perhaps?) obsession with coincidences like thinking about an obscure subject and someone mentioning it right after- and like i have “trigger” words (usually the names of animals- swan, shark etc) that have personal negative symbolism to me that’s hard to explain and i often feel i can “sense” when one of those words is about to come up in song lyrics or tv dialogue or whatever and it often does. I have these intricate web of coincidence/symbols i notice that are very hard to explain to people which makes it more isolating.

Anyway- trust me my logical/analytically brain knows this is "crazy" and that there’s rational explanations for what i experience. They usually scare me cos they unrelatedly started happening when i was struggling with religious scrupulosity and i associate them with the fear that God is displeased/fucking with me or that i’m getting a premonition of the death of a family member/some other catastrophe. So it’s a battle between anxiety fear mind and rational mind, usually.

The rational mind has been winning and i haven’t had such big problems since early 2013 when i had very specific coincidences relating to the subject of cancer right before i found out my Mum was getting tested for it and after and as strong as the coincidences where- she totally didn’t have cancer, so i was like “fuck this” you know?

Anyway- i had these same thoughts in relation to some coincidences i experienced recently and was like “come on, if i’m ever taking this shit seriously again it has to be something more concrete and actually have some effect on the real world”- that day i dreamnt my step-dad’s (elderly) mother died. I have a dumb supposition where if i dream about something bad happening i tell someone as i read somewhere it “stops it coming true” - and i kept meaning to but never did and a few days ago i found out my step-dad’s mother had a heart-attack/pneumonia and that it isn’t looking good for her.

I mean i’m a bit freaked out but trying to rationally deal with it- so i thought putting the whole situation down and maybe some good soul reading through this wall of text-might help?!


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Hey, welcome to the forum.

I can understand your experiences - that sort of thing used to happen to me a lot and still does.
I used to feel very anxious and scared. I didn't have any religious beliefs but I was convinced that someone was doing it deliberately... mind you, I had no idea who.:rolleyes:
I think there is so much about our minds that is undiscovered.

There are lots of different ideas and beliefs around time not being linear, psychic ability, deja vu, that things can be out there in the ether/the collective and so more easily accessible to people's minds..
Honestly, you could get very in depth with this sort of thing, but for me i've come to accept that there are mysteries in life that we don't understand and certain things i'll never have control over.
And so I kind of accept the kind of experiences you describe and not worry or over-analyse it all.
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