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Obsessing over Xmas gifts...threw me off the rails for months.


runner girl

Mar 6, 2019
I wanted so much to give everyone the perfect gift that I spent hours agonizing over each member of my family even to the point of making myself a nervous wreck - so tense.
I had to get 6 presents - all had to be unique and wonderful. One I made, the others I ordered.
Then when xmas eve arrived and I presented all my gifts a tragedy happened in my family and someone dropped dead.
All that work and it didn't even matter considering...
After that my health seemed to go downhill and now 7 months later I'm slowly coming out of it.
Needless to say my nervousness has been out of sight crazy.
So that's how I wound up here - would like to compare notes with others who have the anxiety "monkey" on their backs and maybe learn a thing or two as to what has helped.
Thanks for reading.


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
That Xmas wasn’t what was planned and I’m sorry to hear about your loss.

I would think that being in the grieving period may have coloured your thoughts and that’s why things are improving. I hope that improvement continues for you.
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