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Obsessing over creepy internet guy! (I have crippling anxiety)



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Jun 14, 2020
Dayton, Ohio
Since I have OCD I can obsess and become terrified of almost anything. To make it short I had a gaming group and so did this other guy, he was mad that mine was free on FB. He started slandering me weeks ago and I didn’t care, then girls that used to be in his gaming cult Bc that’s what it is, messaged me and said he stalks people relentlessly, he doesn’t leave them alone once he has a target that’s that. He has like 20 fake pages and identity’s on FB. So this made me a little uncomfortable and then the girl showed me his mugshots and all his criminal history including murder for hire and tons of violent offenses. The guy himself messaged me and said “this is unacceptable you can’t have people defend you” (I didn’t know people had come to my defense) I simply said I apologize sir I never realized this would be such an issue I’m deleting my groups and anywhere I’ve posted anything gaming wise and again I am sorry if I caused u any issues that was never my intention. He said get your people to not post in my group (they were just saying that I am not charging them and that he was lying) I said I will and again I’m sorry and I do not know any of these people personally goodnight. He says “you know we are almost neighbors? You’re like 45 mins away from me” Then I deleted my entire Facebook out of complete fear … I’ve been obsessing over this and it’s very scary to me. I definitely don’t live as close as he thinks Bc I don’t say where I really live on FB. But either way there’s some creep that could potentially be stalking me idk! I’m so scared what if he was to show up somewhere near me OVER a friggen video game omggggg like I’m so uncomfortable. Everyone try’s to tell me don’t worry he’s just some guy who needs to feel in control and I thought I would let him feel in control and delete everything and maybe he’d go away but I just don’t know what to think! I’m like so scared and I ordered extra security cameras and all that meanwhile he lives 700 miles away… idk so obsessing. HELP ME RATIONALIZE.


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Jul 8, 2019
hi Karalyn sorry to hear this

please keep a diary of accurate events and dates, times etc
make it mostly factual with only brief descriptions of your feelings about it
so that its a ' log '

you will need this if you have to give evidence



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Feb 6, 2021
Suzhou, China
Hi Karalyn90,

My name is Tony and I live in China. I work in internet marketing and I am extremely good at what I do. For 20 years I have worked online to create business profiles and interact with people, thousands of people.
After reading your story I have some conclusions, ideas, and recommendations.
First of all, you do not know who anyone is on the internet. People can have multiple identities and like to troll other people using them. For example, the guy that is harassing you may also be the girl that is helping you. He may be playing both roles and having an extremely good time doing it. For sure though, most internet bullies are real-life cowards and that is why they use the net.
I will share something funny with you. Recently I used my girlfriend's profile picture on my Youtube posts and as soon as her picture was up, many men started talking to me like I was her, sending me provocative messages, dirty messages, etc. One guy asked me for my email address, and I gave it to him just to see what he would do. I got a video and you can imagine... Crazy.
This all goes to say that females can quickly become targets just because they are girls. You are alone and you must protect yourself, both physically and mentally. So, based upon all the things I have ever learned on the internet, and considering your OCD and fragility, this is what I recommend: Offense, not Defense.

1. Since you have deleted all your stuff, no need to worry about that. You can start over.
2. Never use a girl's name or picture on any profile. That will kill off most sickos right away.
3. For added confidence, use a masculine man's name, or even a threatening one, such Billy Jack, Terminator, Grim Reaper, or Head Hunter.
4. Use an avatar that people don't to mess with, such as a meat cleaver, army tank, pistol, skull, handcuffs, police badge, or FBI.
5. always set your sex as male, age over 50.
5. now, go back and create whatever you like and join any game that you like, and have all the fun that you want.
6. Choose your friends instead of letting them choose you.
7. If you do not want to be found, then keep your setting set as such.

If you do these things, nobody will ever bother you again and you can make a lot of friends without worrying about it. You can even scare the heck out of that guy who was bothering you.

Ok, so best wishes and you can chat with me ant time for more ideas.
Take Care!
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