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Obesity and Mental Illness



The article doesn't really say anything new. What it does do is take one weak (non placebo controlled) study on Abilify and further the myth that weight gain on Olanzapine will show weight-loss when a person is switched to Abilify. No prizes for guessing who's getting a bung to write this kind of fodder.

The study concludes: we should look more at the link between obesity and mental illness. Well, duh?

But by that point they are quids in for promoting Abilify as a weight-loss agent!



have had "fat" "jokes" and jibes fed to me since my teens, developed a wicked nasty response with funny barbs toward idiots who try to slang me !!
Scunnered by "a##e holes who try to control me like you are a side show freak ??


Despite the alarming statistics in the article, it is the fact that obesity has become more of a common problem and is often ignored. Only a professional help can of true help.
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