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May 13, 2008
I'm going back to see a different doctor next week (mine's on holiday :scared:) it was meant to be about my not long healed broken foot - but ive been feeling so awful lately ive decided to mention everything - but i dont know what to say, cos ive never seen her about this before?? :unsure: i know its all on the computer - but it still freaks me out, and im not even sure she can do anything, but i have no where else to go...so it makes sense..yes? but im worried about what she'll say to do or whatever :cry:

i don't know what to do cos i feel like how bad i feel is being ignored, but that doesnt make sense.


Even though you haven't seen her before you can still mention it to her. You never know, she may be the doctor you click with and can have a really fruitful working relationship with. Be honest and don't expect too much and you could be pleasantly surprised.