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Now why would she?



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Dec 18, 2008
I can not understand this thing with my Ex. She left me and moved straight in with another guy years ago after being told by a shrink she had issues. I have just welcomed my GF and her children into my home this week and I was very upbeat in doing so. We make a great group/family.
So what happens?I get investigated at work by the police , I dig deep to find out why this happened and what caused it. I finally email the Ex and she replies outright states that she had it done! I have NO CRIMINAL RECORD..... and I do not want one . I considered going to the police ....but what do you say besides "I did not do anything" I can't say " she has issues and I have to pay" . That is one of the main reasons I am on here, to find understanding of what makes others world go round and why she feels it is okay to step into my world, raise hell then leave. I am so called trapped, Her family members helped me and GF move in together and I get along great with her family, I love all of them and find it hard to cause issues even if it is in defense of myself.I still hang out and am very active with the Ex's family .


thats a thorn int the side eh, sounds to me that she is jelous that you have found a happy secure and loving relationship as it sounds like she has no idea of what she wants but is insecure and does not want to be alone, hence the moving in straight away with someone else, that sounds like it came out of desperation rather that true feelings and I guess she cannot get over the fact that you have moved on without her. Calling the police to your work is harrassment and she is just out to cause trouble, and you could either ask for an injuction against her or just ignore her, because by acknowledging her and allowing her to influence your life is what she wants. You do need to talk openly with your boss though and explain what is happening, unless there is any just reason for her to make claims to the police they are not going to take it seriously and will probably advise you to stay away from her and log anything that happens so you can give them a diary of the harrassment.
good luck with your new family. merry xmas