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Apr 17, 2010
I have a son aged 24. Over the last three/five months, I have noticed him falling into what I think of as depression. His father and I have tried our best to get him to talk, to no avail. Before Easter, both my son and his workmate knew they would be expected to work the holiday, they do work long irregular hours, but neither would work out any arrangement with their boss for time off, and then proceeded to spoil the occasion for our family by skipping work and drinking heavily for five days. This has led my son being given a verbal warning at work, and sank him into self-pity and deeper depression. As I write, he is locked in his bedroom, barely answering us. I think we are becoming annoyed with his behaviour, while his periodic violent outbursts frighten me, as I worry he may just lash out at me. Then he would be on his own, and put out of the house as I would not tolerate it.
My son is a mechanic, but left the garage he trained at when his apprenticeship ended, and refuses to consider returning to, we have no idea why, as he achieved top marks, and the bosses liked him. Instead he chose to take a filthy, low paid dead end job on a local farm, he now sees how futile a move it was, but to add insult to injury, he thinks me and his father should get him a job.
Perhaps he needs a kick up the backside, but as his mother I think he needs mental health care, and I don’t know how to access it or make him go to the doctors. I should appreciate any assistance and thank you for reading this.


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Oct 20, 2009
Care varies country to country ......

.. first stop is usually a GP/Family Doctor ..... go explain ... take it from there ...


To nova.

If your son won't go to see theG.P. I should write a letter to the doctor telling him of your troubles about your son. It is often quite difficult to get help if they are over 18, but you could make an appontment with the doctor yourself and take the letter and keep a copy.
If he is a habitual heavy drinker it may be that the doctor will refr him to Alcoholics Anonymous.
If he shows sign of violence in the home, either throw him out, or for certain get out of the way yourself. Have you a friend or neighbour you could stay with for a couple of days until you sort it out with the G.P?
Take care.