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not sure?



hi i am 21 i have been in children homes since i was 10 until i was 18 when i moved out and back with my mom i was a bit of a loner onlly had 2 friends and always wore my hat b/c i think it made me feel comfortable when i went out. then it started getting worse and i would only go out on the weekends for a drink to my m8s house was always to scared to go to the pub b/c i ccant be round alot of people, and now since last year i dont even leave my house not even on the weekend. i live with my girlfriend of 3 years and we have a 6 month old baby, about a month ago she was going to leave me because i cant leave the house. i do want to leave the house but im scared, nervos, shy and shake alot i also feel paranoid that people stare at me b/c i feel ugly i seem to get very depressed at night when my partner and child go to bed like now 4am in the morning and cant sleep. i cant even go to the doctors and now i dont even really talk much to my family members so that dont really call much to see me but i could talk all day on the phone to them,, so now im really scared of losing my partner and kid and everyday i build my self up to go out i just cant do it i am really sick of it all and dont know how to work this out b/c i know i will never be able to go see a doc or anything like that so i gues thats me like this until i die. can anyone help i sorry if this sounds stupid but its the best i could do.


If you're okay about talking on the phone you can talk to the Samaritans about this 08457 90 90 90 - 24 hours a day.

I know it seems a lot to go to the doctors but that's the best place to start. What you have is a lot more common than you think. Have you told anyone at all how you feel. Does your partner know, could she help.

Why don't you just give the doctors a ring and talk to a doctor or ring NHS direct and ask to speak to one of the nurses 0845 46 47 and see how that feels? Let me know how it goes.


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Mar 20, 2008
The longer this goes on the worse the anxiety is going to be doodles,is there any way you could make an appointment with the GP for as late in the day as possible?
If you contact your local surgery and explain your situation I'm sure they would be able to help or alternatively try the telephone no's provided above.
There is also lot's of support via this forum,good luck with everything.

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