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not sure whether it was a panic attack/anxiety attack/psychosis



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May 8, 2020
Hi my anxiety is getting really really worse again. I felt normal and stable for a few days ago but now it's coming back/ I wake up and all I think of is how anxious I am about something I'm not even sure of. i'm just worried about everything and nothing. last night, I watched a film to distract myself, when the film was over I tried to make myself sleep but i couldn't because my mind wont stop thinking. and then i tried to listen to some music with my earbuds but i was just on my bed thinking and then suddenly i felt all jittery and anxious and sat myself down on my bed and i started shaking my leg aggressively and i tried to soothe myself down and ended up crying. and i suddenly felt so angry out of nowhere i tried to control myself from screaming and ended up punching my bed. because of that i started self-harming again on my legs, this soothed me. What is this? this always happens


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Jul 25, 2020
Anxiety is a reaction, not a cause. By the time you feel anxious it's already becoming an ever decreasing spiral where it becomes the focus of your attention and creates escalating anxious behaviour.

To get on top of this, you need to identify what it is that's causing the anxiety to begin with. Any therapist will advise you to start a daily diary of activity, recording what you do on a daily basis and how it makes you feel at the time.

Write down your anxiety reaction to this and write down whether or not you feel this anxiety is justified at the time.

You should see a correlation between what's happening in your daily life and the often delayed reaction to it coming out later, usually when you're alone with your thoughts.

Are you a good communicator? Anxiety is a stress response gone wrong; you've been confronted by a flight or fight choice but have left it unresolved, and so the stress simmers away in the background waiting for its time to shine.
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