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Not sure where to post this?



New member
Jul 31, 2009
Hi Everyone,

As you have probably guessed from the title I am new to this site. I am really not sure where to post this since it could come under so many different diagnosis. Without getting into a long winded thread 2 1/2 years ago I woke up unable to move due to being being sick feeling continuously nauseas and vomiting. I left it for a week before going to my doc who said I had Labyrinthitis. Anyho, the worst of the symtoms lasted for 5 months then I was able to return to work. However, I was still ill. I was referred to an ENT specialist who said perhaps it was an inner ear disorder? i was then referred for an MRI scan which showed nothing. I then went to see a Neurologist who said it was phobic vertigo. The homeopath said it could be possibly ME symptoms and the physio who was doing vestibular rehab said it definitely appeared to have a mechanical element.

I kept bugging my GP because it was getting really hard to keep going. He then said that he did not believe it to be an inner ear disorder but rather PTSD due to sexual, emotional, and physical abuse during my childhood. I then asked to be referred to a psychologist which he did only to be told there was a long waiting list but in the mean time she wanted me to be referred to the CMHT. I started a new job but had to go off for over three months. When I did return I was still feeling really rough.

When the gp referred to the CMHT the nurse wanted me to see a psychiatrist. Which I did 2 days later. She suggested that I give the idea of a mood stabilizer a thought. Oh I should say my gp put me on Effexor (snri) which zombied me out! and then after trying to come off it I felt so suicidal I begged to be put back on another antidepressant (sertraline).

By the next appointment with the psychiatrist I had moved house, split up with my partner (relationships are rather tricky). Oh and lost my other job which I absolutely loved but the occ. doc could not say in her report when I was going to get better so the council could not renew my contract on medical grounds.

After bloods and other tests I tried lithium. After a couple of weeks the dizzyness and nausea reached a level where I could walk about again without using my walking stick. I was doing okay for a couple of months but then hit a very low period where I took a lithium overdose and ended up in Toxicology at the local hospital.

Surprisingly I did not end up in a psych ward instead I became involved with the Crisis Resolution Home Treatment team and after three weeks was referred back to my normal cpn at the cmht

On top of that I have been having a olfactory hallucinations well actually its been continuous.

My shrink and counsellor recons the physical symptoms and horrific smell is due to trauma.

The initial shrink put the following:
?Bipolar Affective Disorder
?Personality Disorder
?Somatoform Disorder

The consultant Psychiatrist put
Probable emotionally unstable personality disorder

The problem is I cant help but trying to find out what is actually causing this. I mean after my childhood I just got on with things. I was doing really well and then bang overnight.

I think having to go bankrupt and my car being repersessed did not help when I could not keep up repayments when I got ill and lost my job.

I think the big problem is not knowing exactly what is going on. I have found it really hard accepting that its okay to be on lithium and prozac. I am assuming that if these were not right for me I would have side effects? or would not be able to tolerate them?

Ho well

sorry bit of a long blog

Wobbler :scared:


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Sep 22, 2008
Hey Wobbler,

Welcome to the Forum. :welcome:

I moved your post to this thread.....where people introduce themselves.

Hope you figure out where everything is on the forum and find it as helpful as I have done.

~ Grizzly :flowers:


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Jul 21, 2008
Hi Wobbler,
A burden shared is a burden halved. :flowers:
Keep posting!


Aug 4, 2009
Hi Wobbler

Wow..I have had a lot of those similar things happen to me as well, many physical symptoms and constantly being sick, being passed from one specialist to the next. Then they finally decided from my past and family history that I was Bipolar. It is very frustrating because I still get migraines so bad that I cannot even get out of bed or go anywhere and just feel like screaming at people!

Btw, I am new here too. I have been tested for Lupus, other blood disorders and neurological disorders but everything comes out fine. I hope that you do get an answer and figure out what is going on:)


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Dec 15, 2008
I read your post and identified quiet a lot - I hope that you get the help and support you are looking for - this is a good place to be


quality factor

Hi there and :welcome: to the forum hope you find
being here helpful.



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Jun 30, 2009
:welcome: to the forum


New member
Jul 31, 2009
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the comments. Its great to have finally found a site like this. :)
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