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not sure what to do



wasn't sure where to post this,let me start by saying i've suffered with depression for quite some time now but for the past 5 years its got worse each day,for the past 3 months i've started hearing voices telling me to self harm myself which i've done 3 times now,i went to see my gp afew weeks back and she prescribed me anti depressants which don't seem to be having any affect on me,the reason why i'm posting this is to see if anyone has experienced any of these feelings or do they have any advice,i'm really scared of myself,i feel like everyone hates me and i find it hard to tell people how i'm feeling cos i suppose i feel to ashamed to admit i have a big problem.

thanks for reading.

lynne x


Anti depressants can take a considerable amount of time to kick in - three weeks is about the earliest you could hope for.

Don't be afraid of telling people you have a problem. I had to speak to a colleague today and he asked me how I was and I told him I wanted to cry and harm myself. He immediately relocated to a quiet office and gave me one on one time which helped enormously. Another friend has rung me twice tonight, once before I went into a meeting and once when I got home. My cousin has sent me a message. I feel worthless and empty and devoid of all usefulness but these three wonderful people think different. When I can't believe in me I believe in them.


Posters shouldn't recommend the use of particular types of medication to one another. It's best to say what experience you had of the medication and if it helped.

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Hi, I don't believe in me today either. Anti-depressants will not take it all away, we still will get 'off' days.
Talking to someone will give you a lift, it has me, this morning. Anything positive that will lift your mood is worth pursuing I feel.
I don't know how many times I've wished for a magic wand to take it all away!:(


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Sep 29, 2008
Dundee Scotland
im the same

hi lynn im the same ive had depression since i was 12 and have self harmed,atempted suicide many times and the way i find to block out the voices is to do something constructive like write a song or play my guitar, if you have something that helps to relax you try it out usually works for me. :)


Oct 5, 2008
hi lynn

I definitly agree with previous posters when they say you should get over your fear of speaking to close people about your problems. ecuse my english is not good.

but yes this is somethign that can help i beleive, jsut think right now about who is closest and would understand you best about these thign. and speak to them, it may be hard to start it at first but it will feel much better for you in the end if you have aperson willing to listne and understnad

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