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not sure what to do anymore



Active member
Jan 26, 2010
god help me...im just so bleeping annoyed with myself....
im on medication and despite not taking for a few days i am back on taking them properly... im so sick of this feeling, of emptiness and regret,...
i have an amazing friend, hes always there for me, and for some reason im picking fault with him, and like i dont want to be around him right now, hes having a hard time too, and i jjust feel unable to do things to help him..... im scared ive lost a true friend....
ive come home to an empty house and ive done something really stupid, and now im hating myself for it... such an idiot..
i just want help out of this cloud.........


The cloud of despair, frustration and anger very unsettling ???
Hope you can feel a little better eventually, I hope you have not lost your friend ??
Try explaining how you have been down and how badly it has affected you ??
I think he will understand ??


Active member
Jan 26, 2010

thankyou for your reply
my friend was i was veryy unstanding and even tho i was completely un reasonable all is forgiven.. hes a gem really....
it is so un settling and nothing seems to clear it...just had enough really...
ah well...


You are maybe experiencing a low phase ??
Glad you have such a great friend and all is well
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