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Not sure what I'm classed as...



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Oct 18, 2014
Even though I've warned my close family and my Gp that if my mood set doesn't alter pretty soon then I can't be but will be responsible for my actions but not me. I used to think it was slightly funny that I had a low tolerance to anything but not anymore. I don't have an in between ,,I'm really high or in a state of mind I wouldn't wish on anyone, .. Basically I'm trying to stay on here to write this as it might help but the other part of me says "Naarr I don't need good things, as surely there for people who deserve them.." My Gp says I have all the symptoms of Bipolar but she thinks it's something else which helps me loads....!!!! Feel I've been crying out for help/attention for years and in my 39 ive been sexually abused, become an alcoholic (18mnths free) n now drugs ..all I think as a coping mechanism...
Going now...just had to put my dog in her cage as I can feel myself getting wound up.....why ???


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I'd label you as a survivor. what is crying out for help/attention - is this the part of you that got sexually abused? Did anyone listen to you when it happened? did anyone rescue you? perhaps it's this part of you that rises to the surface when you feel low, and becoming dependant on drink - maybe this way was to suppress this part of you, but now your alcohol free, then this part of you isn't getting suppressed, and perhaps it's making your moods swing from one extreme emotion to the next - sometimes being manic is our way of suppressing the pain, it's not really a true state of happiness, sometimes it is like winning the lottery or falling in love, but a lot of the time it's a mind's way of trying to deal with pain,

Perhaps it's time to get that part of you that needs healing healed, would getting a label slapped on you and being reduced to explaining the entirety of you as just a few symptoms be helpful? - perhaps a label and meds might help you, but if you get help that resonates with you (counselling, peer support or whatever), then you might be at a better place to rise above whatever symptoms you are getting now, or minimise them in some way so they are easier to control?