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Not sure really.



Jan 4, 2022
Hello everyone,

I am 26 years old.
Long story short for the past few years I have been wanting to accomplish my goal of earning a University level degree.

Some back story about me,
When I was in my teenage years my older brother got diagnosed with Depressive Schizophrenia disorder during my final year of high school. It pretty much destroyed my ability to concentrate and think for a number of years as it was a surreal stimulus. The stress and pressure that it gives on a daily basis is quite a lot to deal with. I would say that I have adjusted to it but at the same time, I am noticing changes within myself. I feel stressed more than I use too and brain fog, tiredness, and self-esteem seem to be getting worse, primarily because of my brother's rude and loud behavior at times.

Also, my father isn't exactly supportive in terms of higher education and he seems to mock it and wants me to do other things.
It wasn't till I was around 22 when I started wanting to change my life and achieve things. I enrolled in what we call TAFE education. They offer certificate and diploma level education and they were easier for me to manage at the time of my life.
I completed two certificates, the first was called cert 3 health services assistant. It gave me experience in the hospital environment as an orderly. It really pushed my social anxiety to the limits, interacting with nurses and doctors, etc. It was during this time that I discovered that I did in fact want to pursue more study in a Psychological focused area. After completing that certificate I enrolled in the next level up which was called Cert IV of Mental Health. I really enjoyed this certificate and the student placement that I found was amazing.

However, I have noticed a theme with me that I am always criticizing my potential and academic abilities, whether it be my English level proficiency or just thinking that I am not smart enough to attain this goal by completing complex assessments and that I will end in failure.
The degree I am looking at is Psychology / Sociology degree (It doesn't have statistics), which combines disciplines that I am interested in.
I believe that my situation with my brother is negatively impacting my own mind to some degree because my life can sometimes revolve around him.

Mental health problems due to brothers depressive schizophrenia
I want to achieve my goal of a university degree but I have imposter syndrome / constantly doubt myself and think I'm too dumb to accomplish assignments.