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not sure if im in the right place



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Jan 26, 2010
hi all,

ok so i suffer from depression, and have been put on citalopram because along side this i suffer with anxiety...

at first i had them alot, at work, on the bus, in town etc etc but they seemed to lesson... thought they appear to be coming back....

over the last week i have had them when i get into bed, driving in london and in the cinema,.. im worried as to why they are coming back??? i have no idea what even brought them on... i know the london was cos i hate london and it was so rammed with cars major traffic....

i havent been to town for ages cos im too scared to go and be in the crowds, turns out i cant even cope in the cinema...

so my questions are....
any idea why they are coming back?
ways to deal with them... (i usually close my eyes and concentrate on breathing, also found myself rubbing material or something soft giving me a new focus rather than the thing stressing me)
should i see my gp again and tell him they seem to be coming back?


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Mar 17, 2008
Hi and :welcome: to the forum.

Sounds like your having a tough time at the moment. Prob worth popping back to you GP he may be abel to refer you for some sort of talking therapy in addition to the citalopram. This may help you delvelop coping stratergies in addition to the medication whch mya help lift your mood.
Take care and keep posting on here


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