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not sure if i have ARFID or not...



(posted before but accidentally pressed 17 instead of 18!!)

hello! this is a trigger warning: ill be going into somewhat detail of what ive been going through with a possible eating disorder- talking a lot about food, weight loss/fluctuating weight and such so please be warned of that!!
so, im 18 and ive always struggled with food. i just never really have any interest in it. i didnt know ARFID existed until i decided to do research just today since my eating patterns and weight have been getting worse. i never thought i could have an eating disorder since im not trying to be skinnier or want to, honestly if anything id like to gain weight! but im just not able to eat most of the time!!! all these years i just thought i was very picky and im still not sure. does this sound like it could possibly be ARFID? i just dont wanna self diagnose without doing as much research as possible.

i really have gone through this my whole life, my weight has always fluctuated. but one other thing that’s confusing me is that sometimes i do get really hungry and excited to eat things i like. though, if thats the case ill either eat a lot of it, but only have one meal for that whole day, or ill only be able to eat a few bites andget frustrated. is this possible to happen with ARFID or is that just picky eating???

and finally, if this could be ARFID what should i do? should i tell my girlfriend? parents? therapist? i do want to get help. i think im ready.


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Oct 5, 2013
It's probably best to ask your doctor or therapist because strangers on the internet shouldn't be diagnosing you with anything. You said it yourself though...sometimes you want to eat...so maybe not eating is triggered by certain thoughts or emotions? Is that possible? Why not keep a food diary and then show it to your doctor and therapist so they can give you answers?

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