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Not really to sure



Jan 13, 2010
Hi, i am new to this site, and have found it very helpful hearing that there are people out there who feel and think very similarly to me.

I have only recently been diagnosed with depression and i am finding it very hard to come to terms with that my life is now this way and i can't find my way out.

It seems like my life has gone from bad to worst in such a short space of time and i can't control it, which i think makes it even worst for me. At the best of times i am not very good at dealing with change, but this has really hit me hard.

Just needed somewhere to let some of it out. :redface:


Well-known member
Aug 16, 2009

hi, we know. let it all out! i wish you all the best.:)


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Dec 28, 2009
Hi thanks for the reply... My only difficulty with that is I'm seriously watching what I eat at mo..another small problem, I'm not eating anything bight in calories, fat or sugar. Trying to stay well below 1000 cals a day


Jan 17, 2010


I'm new as well feeling almost identicle you . I thought I was bad up until about 2 week ago I just felt like the air had been let out of me....nothing left.

I have packed my job in and basically been on the couch or in bed most days.

I'm in the middle of swapping my meds hopefully in another four weeks I'll feel some improvement. I was not prepared for this to get worse than it was brings a whole new meaning to the word depressed.

Good luck
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