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Mar 20, 2009
My mother in law has been doing things that is completely out of her nature this past year. Most of which could be overlooked up until recently, in November she filed false reports to children and youth services on us, they investigated and found not true. Just last week, she went and got an attorney and filed for custody of our daughter. We have to take $1500 and get an attorney to fight her. It is getting down right ridiculous. We are an intact family, involved in our daughters school and other activities. She has lost our daughter and security has had to find her at the mall, she is only 5, we were very concern on how grandma was acting. We are so angry at this point because of the time we have had to take off work and the money we have had to spend, we can not afford to keep doing this.

She put ridiculous stuff like "Mother is Jealous" in the civil suit, it is crazy that an attorney even take this. She will be 72 years old, diabetic and showing signs of mental health issues, no judge is going to grant her custody. Hopefully when this is all over we can just be done. What could be going on with her that makes her act this way? I am sure she truely believes everything that she has done is the correct thing to do. I am at the point of filing a civil suit of deframation of character on her. Please help give us some direction here on how to deal with her, she is unreasonable, but can look like a saint in public.

History: Her mother had alzhiemers and her sister has great mental issues also, but hers are really obvious.

At the end of our rope here, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Oct 5, 2008
Well man, in that case....i mean its hard to literally say how i would react because i have no personal attatchment to the other person, but looking at this objectivly i would say taht you should strongly consider finding a home for this person, so that they can chew off the remainder of their years without having to worry.

im basically saying that it would almost be smart to put her in home where she will be taken care of and so that (as much as it sucks to hear_ she wont be a hinderance on your life any more...god this is even a hard thing to type to another porson. i hope you dont get ofended by what im saying, just hope the advice (which no one has even tried to give) goes to use in your situation

-walk yourself to sleep-



Have you talked to your doctor about your problem. It sounds as though grandma could do with some medical h elp. That would be my first step. I presume tht your doctor knows the family and will take her complaints for what they are.
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