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Not new to the forum, but still looking for answers.



Jul 8, 2018
Good afternoon,

I hope everyone is feeling great today.

I have been on and off the forum for some time now in between various forms of treatment and I'm still no further forward.

To give a very brief overview I have been in and out of treatment for anxiety and I'm still not convinced it is anxiety that is causing me the issues that I am having.

My main symptoms are:

  • lack of concentration including brain fog
  • feeling tired all of the time
  • Unable to focus on tasks
  • Overactive mind that never shuts off
  • Unable to be present during a conversation and I lose focus very easy and drift off from the conversation
  • Poor memory - I can read a chapter of a book and not remember what I have just read, likewise with a film or TV show.

I feel like I am always a million miles away and my mind always wonders and I just can't concentrate. I do have mild anxiety issues but I believe they are a side symptom of whatever is going on. I am wondering if anyone else can relate and perhaps offer me a direction that could be worth looking in to? From my own research I recognise a lot of the symptoms that come with ADHD.

Any feedback would be very much appreciated. And any likewise individuals who are also looking for answers and looking to build up a network please get in touch.
one light

one light

Well-known member
Aug 19, 2020
England - Up North
Hi welcome here... I would say that overactive mind is the first part to look at sorting...


Well-known member
Feb 27, 2020
Nashua NH
Hello and a belated welcome to the forums. Everything there except the overactive mind sounds like depression to me. Obviously I can’t diagnose but I have been diagnosed with Bipolar and I experience depressed lows with the symptoms you have discussed. The overactive mind for many folks with Bipolar are a key characteristic of mania. It is possible that you have Bipolar or simple depression. You might seek a second opinion with a new doctor to know for sure. xo, j


Well-known member
Jun 24, 2018
New Zealand
Hi 👋

Have you looked into the practice of 'mindfulness' meditation Craig85r? If you haven't already, it might be a good tool to add to your toolbox of coping mechanisms. One thing it may help you to achieve is the ability to stay focused during very stressful times. It's helped me that way.

And welcome to the forums anyway.🙂


Jul 8, 2018
Good evening everyone,

Thank you so much for the reply. I'm honestly to convinced that it could be depression. I have spent some time reading in to ADHD this weekend and I do recognise a lot of the symptoms that are being described. In particular the hyperactivity and tics to a certain degree. Ever since I was a child I have done this thing where I roll my eyes towards the back of my head, and twitch my kneck. I know it easy to get lost in symptoms when referring to "Doctor Google", but I am being drawn towards that as a potential diagnosis. I have the energy and motivation to start projects whether that be in my professional or personal life. I do at times get this extreme rush of energy when working on something that interests me. To the point where it is all I can focus on for a day or two and then the interest just disappears and I don't think about it again. My friends and I always joke that it's my very own 'Superpower'. My colleagues always choose me when it is a quick sharp project that needs completing. But when it comes to more longer term projects I quickly lose steam.

Also, and one of the major symptoms I have I my personal life is a frustration that kicks in during a social event of some sort. I can't focus on the conversation no matter how hard I try. This results in a feeling of awkwardness and usually a migraine. During phone calls I always get the point across sharply then want to get off the phone to do something else. I probably have a concentration span of about 10 minutes in any situation.

I should probably add that I am 35 years old ad had some behavioural issues as a child. In class I was always talking and not paying attention. Frequently failing exams as I could not take any information in regardless of how hard I tried.

It's very frustrating. I really appreciate all of your feedback and comments.
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