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Not happy with who I am... But can't change



Apr 21, 2013
New Zealand
Hi all!

So I'm new to this forum. Hoping it'll give me somewhere to express how I feel to people who will understand. Don't get me wrong, I have very supportive people around me, but whenever I try to explain my anxiety they just tell me I'm "overthinking things" and to "relax". I know I am - but I can't help it. :low:

I guess my main issue is that I care a great deal about how others view me. I think if I were someone else looking at me, I'd find me highly irritating. I am arrogant, attention-seeking and opinionated. And I hate myself for it. But find it so so difficult to change. I tell myself I should act differently but I just say and do things without thinking and regret it later. Sometimes these things involve pushing the people around me away. Anyone else experienced something similar? :(


Well-known member
Jan 18, 2013
Hi! :welcome: to the forums!

I care a great deal about how others perceive me. I always have.


New member
Apr 22, 2013

I am opposite, I don't care how others see me. My motto is don't like me, don't look at me.
I had an anger issue and it was driving a wedge between me and my wife and kids. Since starting citalopram my anger has almost gone. Still anxious as ever but the reduced anger is helping me enjoy my family a lot more and handle things so much better.

Have you spoken to your gp about how you feel you are pushing people away?
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