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Not getting help i need, advice appreciated.



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Apr 20, 2010
Hi all,
Just returned from doc appointment, i asked for counselling and she didnt think that would be suitable as i broke down in there, mainly because i am angry i am not getting the help i need! She thinks im depressed. I have trouble conveying what i am feeling and im getting sick of the phrase "we all feel like that from time to time" then i just clam up and go yeah ok whatever. If i was depressed i wouldnt have had a row on the phone with a company id just bought i washing machine from or gone back to the store and had a row with one of the staff, until he was nice and gave me 25 quid back then i couldnt have been happier! I was very productive and happy yesterday, anyway im still on the mood stabiliser, now with a low 50mg dose of sertraline. I told her that i drank alot before all this thank god i didnt tell her about smoking weed as she really was trying to pin everything on the alcohol, in the end i said i had 6-8 drinks once a month (total lie) think she could tell aswell, she wants me to refer my daughter to counselling through her school, i wanted to see a counsellor possibly with her as she has some issues aswell but my question is really... if i wanted to pay to see somebody privately in uk then is it best to see a psychologist or a counsellor, iv been told i have Bipolar 2 and all i need now is for someone to listen to me (counselling?), tell me what iv been doing wrong and what i need to change and what to expect, and get me on the right medication preferably without going through my gp. As for my daughter, i think she would be up for coming into a counselling session with me as i want her to realise its "not me" that shes had to put up with for the last 7 years and maybe address some of her own issues, anyway enough rambling for now, my head hurts i just feel very lost and dont know what to do for the best :)
Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday

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Jun 14, 2009
Hi lilmisslost,

Sorry you are feeling so bad. I think we can all identify with how frustrating this disorder can be and how unfeeling sometimes the medical profession can be in relation to our feelings.
I can only speak from my own personal experience. I was offered councelling via my own GP (finding the right GP can make a HUGE difference) I did have quite a wait but it did help. They will not tell you where you are going wrong. What they will help you with is establishing WHY you feel the way you do. I had to address some issues that went way back in my past and come to terms with them. We also examined relationships with children, partners, family etc. Some of it was quite uncomfortable, some of the sessions were quite uplifting. All i know is that it helped me address a lot of things that I had felt guilty about for a long time and put them behind me.
It is not a cure but talking therapy helps. I am gonna try and get CBT through my GP too. Be persistent and totally honest with your gp, or find one that you are comfortable talking honestly to. Sorry if I've waffled on, hope it helps in some way. Good luck! :flowers:


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May 19, 2010
Reply to LilMissLost

Dear LilMissLost,

I can really sympathise. I went through so much frustration at not getting the help I need. My GP didn't have much experience in the way of Bipolar and I really felt I wasn't getting anywhere, so I went and found a private pyschiatrist. He was really thorough in helping me work out which medication was best for me and now he presribes me quetiapine, as it helps with my bipolar and my anxiety at the same time. The medication is really helping me, as are the sessions I have with Dr Soutzos. If your looking to go private, I'd really recommend going to him.

Good luck and I hope you get the help you're after.


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Apr 20, 2010
Thankyou both for the replys, i probably need to get my own psychologist and a counsellor then if i didnt want to go through my gp, although i do agree if i found a good gp that would help, going to book an appointment with a different doc and see if i can get anywhere, also i need to start keeping a bit of a daily diary i suppose. Talking therapy definetly helps and i was almost certain id get it.

Apples3 - do you have counselling with your psychiatrist aswell, just feel like i need someone to give me some answers for a change aswell as helping me address my issues, havent worked out how i cycle yet or how frequent it is or what im really feeling, iv just been given pills and a diagnosis!

Thanks both again :)
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